Dress Like a Doll, Fight Like a Man

I like tea, coffee, all things girly and getting very, very messy.

Just got this amazing dress. Someone stop me. Kitten d’amour you are my new favorite brand.

Got some fab new sunnies. I’m in love.
Grunge city.

Bags and lashes. :) out to the theatre with a lady friend to see another lady friends production.

It’s beach and coffee every day for me at the moment. It’s fucking magical. Also swimming means no make up and no make up is scary and new but I’m getting used to it.

Life is fucking amazing.
I’ve been wearing my head scarves so they look like little bunny ears and keep my hair out of my face. So cute!
Beach day beach day beach day. After getting back from the snow it was lovely to hit the beach! 

Featuring a bikini I bought from sea folly two years ago but never got the chance to wear.
Me looking suitably smug as I wait to go skiing with my family. I have officially finished up at Perisher. I had the absolute time of my life, but now I can’t wait to go to Niseko and shred the powder! :)

I want a boy with a throat so hollow I could drink wine from it, a boy with collarbones so sharp he’d bleed me for the trouble.

I wish I could whisper you love letters instead of putting them on paper.

I can’t believe tomorrow is my last day at Perisher!  The time has absolutely flown and my life has changed so much in the last few months. I am so grateful and happy to have been given the opportunity to be a ski instructor.

This photo perfectly illustrates what a brat I am on the ski slopes. I can’t help myself,  I like to muck around and play pranks on my fellow instructors all the time. :)
I got a pretty new dress and I love it! Not my usual style but I love the colour and the mesh panels. I hit the town with some buddies from the ski resort and we danced up a storm.

Now it’s time to eat a greasy pie and head to bed. The greasy pie is completely necessary.

I miss playing games on my pc so bad. Think I can smuggle it to Japan with me? XD

A king is just a man with a home.

Today was exam day! I was doing my level 2 apsi exam. I got myself super worked up and was convinced I failed but I didn’t! I passed! I have levelled up! :)