Dress Like a Doll, Fight Like a Man

I like tea, coffee, all things girly and getting very, very messy.

I recently put this photo into black and white and I loved it to much not to share it. Alanna has a very special place in my heart and I have another costume of hers ready to shoot back in Sydney. 

Remember to always choose to be valiant, to be strong, to be a lady knight.

Been wearing outfits with jeans lately, what is this madness? I usually never wear pants. I wore this super cute casual outfit into town today to have a lunch date with a girlfriend. It’s very rare that I get days off and it’s even rarer still that I get to wear make up as a ski instructor, so I had some fun getting ready this morning.

The coat is Veronika Maine, the backpack Dangerfield and my jeans and Lee jeans. I’m also representing Slytherin today with my fabulous scarf. Lipstick is the Wicked Velvetine from Lime Crime.

She trailed flowers from her feet and smoke from her fingers.

He was a love letter written in graffiti and found in empty coffee cups. You are the city at night,  your name washed away like cigarettes in the rain.

He had galaxies mapped beneath his skin. Though it burned my palms I tried to count the stars underneath his fingertips and guide them into constellations.

Kissing him was a revelation, a sunrise at long last.

I’ve been trying my best to retain some semblance of fashion whilst at the snow. Not always easy but putting on nice clothes always makes me a feel a bit better! Especially after wearing the same uniform everyday and getting my make up washed away by the crazy snow and wind we’ve been having at the moment. It involves re wearing the same boots a lot and constantly buying new stockings, but that’s no hardship because I love stockings! 

I’m still having the absolute time of my life. Life is very different here, I feel so removed from everything and it’s actually really nice. Everyone is crazy friendly and I have been enjoying teaching kids more than I could have imagined. Coming here and being a ski instructor is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I hope all of you are happy and having an amazing time! Sorry for not being around much I’ve just been crazy busy.

Sorry for being so inactive lately. I am having the time of my life at the snow as a ski instructor!  I think this is the most fun I have ever, ever had. :) I miss sydney but I feel like I’m living in this fabulous, wonderful bubble and enjoying not worrying about life. Good people, good food, good snow and cute kids. I love this. I never want to leave.

And yes, I wear my pink zinc cream as war paint!

Never thought I’d be in a cosplay again! Wearing black cat to a costume party at the snow. :) it’s super slinky and fun.

The snow is amazing and I am most definitely still having the time of my life. There is powder snow in Australia I don’t believe it!!! I wish you were all here having fun with me. I’m sorry I haven’t been posting more but I’ve been studying for my level 1 ski instructors exam which is tomorrow. Wish me luck! Clearly my resort has faith in me because I’ve already been booked in for lessons but I’m still a little nervous.

I love and miss you all.

Anonymous said: So delicious <3

Ahahaha not right now. I’ve been skiing in a blizzard and my hair is a mess. I am crazy gross.

I leave for the snow tomorrow! Please wish me luck. I will miss you all very much. Here’s to life changes and following your dreams!

Anonymous said: Dear person I had a crush on

I miss you. I am not one to miss someone easily, but the absence of you feels like my life is lying to me by omission. 

I miss the lines of your nose and the water that was your eyes. I miss your words and the way you could make me feel about myself with nothing but a look.

I ache for you as a friend even more.

If I were a better person I would have wrestled the pomegranate seeds from your tongue, but instead I let you drown.

The truth is that I wanted you to hurt me.

This is officially my snow beanie. I am the biggest ever nerd and super proud of it.

I don’t know how to thank you for re igniting me.