Dress Like a Doll, Fight Like a Man

I like tea, coffee, all things girly and getting very, very messy.

I really have no words to express how much Alanna’s story and Tamora Pierce changed my life. I was so happy to finally pay tribute to one of the most influential YA literary characters of all time, Alanna. It made me even happier that this wasn’t a costume I put together, but my own armour. The armour I fight in, the armour I learn in, the armour I wear to protect myself.

I hope you like these photos as much as I enjoyed being Alanna for a few moments. Not for to long, I have a long way to go with my own fighting, my own partners to learn to love and my own life to live, but for a moment it was amazing.


Photos taken by a very talented photographer, here is his personal website. http://500px.com/Timothy_Souter Very different from these photos, but you can see a really diverse range of photography.

  • 27 April 2013
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